Thursday, October 29, 2009

senyum la.....

result for last trimester final exam has been released
mine? erm...Alhamdulillah...
evntgh it's not what i expected...
but at least, i increased both my GPA and CGPA
to bb, well done!!! i'm so proud of u...
he beat me this time....
clap clap....

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

kapal terbang kertas

God i miss home
i don't want to be here
i want a private jet, like now?
anyone has one?
fly me please......

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

tau baca tak??

symptoms of PMS (premenstrual syndrome)

  • Fatigue: This is the most common symptom of PMS. Women with PMS may feel so tired they can barely get through the day. Some women also may have trouble sleeping at night.
  • Tension and irritability: A woman with PMS may feel very on edge. Small annoyances seem huge. Often her response is out of proportion to the problem.
  • Difficulty concentrating: Many women with PMS find it hard to do things that require concentration, such as balancing a checkbook, following recipes, or making business decisions. They may also be forgetful.
  • Anger: During PMS, normal feelings of anger are often exaggerated. A woman may be more argumentative and lash out at those around her.
  • Depression: Sadness and crying easily are common feelings related to PMS. At times the sadness may feel profound and inconsolable.
  • Food cravings: Some women crave particular foods, such as sweets or salt. Others find their appetite for almost any food increases.
  • Breast tenderness: Many woman experience swelling and soreness around their nipples or breasts.
  • Bloating in the abdomen, hands, and legs: Some women with PMS gain weight. Others have fluid shifts to the abdomen, hands, and legs that make them feel uncomfortably swollen or puffy.
  • Headaches: Duration and severity of headaches vary from woman to woman, but are common during PMS.


people just don't understand ME...and they won't understand....


pms+sappy+emo+starving+bloating = ME

the worst part is when people don't understand ME

Monday, October 26, 2009


taken from hanis zalikha's blog

ciri2 lelaki yg mnjadi idaman

"Seterusnya, fluent English speaker dan writer sebab I tak terel sangat maka dia kena betulkan sekali-sekala. Tapi dia tidak boleh annoying mentang-mentang terel, semua benda nak betulkan even bila I tengok kekejaman dan kata “that means”, dia sibuk “that's mean lah ”. Allah..

me: Dr. Mahathir was our Prime Minister...
si dia : correction.TUN Dr. Mahathir.

wth?? mcm la i x tau kan..."

Sunday, October 25, 2009


we attended a kenduri kawen..after that, went golfing at a golf club on our way back home.... mmg x prepare pape la kn...dgn baju kurung+sandal bagai..
this is my first time playing golf... and golf is soooooooooooooo not suitable for me... pfft..


bola tu x masuk pon okay...see.. i sucks..

wah wah ibu...bergaya gitewww..

future golf pro

kayu golf pn same tinggi ngn dia...hehe

Tuesday, October 20, 2009



Saat aku tertawa diatas semua
Saat aku menangisi kesedihanku

Aku ingin engkau selalu ada
Aku ingin engkau aku kenang

Selama aku masih bisa bernafas
Masih sanggup berjalan kukan slalu memujamu
Meski ku tak tahu lagi engkau ada dimana
Dengarkanlah aku kumerindukanmu

Saat aku mencoba merubah segalanya
Saat aku meratapi kekalahanku

Aku ingin engkau selalu ada
Aku ingin engkau aku kenang

i'm so in love with this song...
OST for sinetron Sekar....
specially dedicated to my one & only, bb.....

wahai penduduk kampung!!!!!


Friday, October 16, 2009


will i be good mother later?
will i be as good as ibu?
i wonder if i have what it takes to be a fab mum.....

ibu, you're the best!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

trimester holiday has been started few days ago..(actually..nearly a week ago)..but still, i don't have any plan to do this usual....
today is just the same as yesterday...same old scenes...
woke up, did some dishes, laundry, cleaned the house, had breakfast, and then sit still in front my lappy...'email'ing, 'facebook'ing, stalking.... so on and so forth..
huh...i know..i'm such a loser...

but i'm glad to be finally coming home..after all the hard works, exams, FYP....
huh..speaking of FYP..damn trimester is the 2nd phase of my FYP..(final phase)..duh...i'm so not prepared to face the 2nd phase...i wish holidays weren't over....but i know, clock is ticking....secs pass by...2nd trimester will come...soon...duh....

for those who will be taking FYP 1st phase, all the best in finding good supervisor, and cross your finger for getting nice MODERATOR later....moderators will either help you or KILL you..hahaha

happy holiday!!!
till then..bye!!~

Saturday, October 10, 2009


feeling2 oversea la katekan.....lg2 cik pikah...

rebut jgn x rebut....

what's so funny, gal??

Mrs Faiz & Mr Filzah

Thursday, October 8, 2009


bb : ji, this is my fren, L. and L, this is Filzah
me : hi L...
L : hi..i know you..pemantun MMU kn?
me :hehe..yup..

i was like..OMG!!! x sangke... people do recognize me, ok...
prasan glamer 2 minit....