Thursday, June 24, 2010


crossed over this useful article when googling about healthy lunch just now...
please click here
basically this article is about how much money,time,energy sort of that we can save if we prepare and bring our lunch to work each day...

well i just read this article and for sure la i'm not ready at all to bring my own food to office,i still need to go somewhere near for lunch.. and will have lunch ALONE this noon..*sigh* but i'm glad actually...boleh tengok2 barang :D

happy working everybody... :)

money money money

money money please come to mommy
i want to go shoppy, with somebody,
at the born place of indomie

wtf?? shoppy? haha

ok the point is i really want a vacation to Indonesia.. serious..why? out of so many wonderful places for la..x kan milan ke paris pulak? bnyk duit kau??!!

ibu asked me to fill and full my piggy bank first, then maybe one day we'll off to Indon...
no problem!!!

have a great day ahead!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

kura kura betol

first thing i do before start any novel reading is i'll jot down the date...
for example :-


and this

and alert for this novel. Breaking Dawn by stephenie meyer..

started read this one on my 22nd birthday..
and until today, i'm not yet finished!!
stop at page 488 i u can see minus 15% of the novel to go!!!

damn aku lmbat mcm kura-kura...

oh fyi, i'm not that kind of person yang baca satu malam dah tamat...i mean i just got in some pages before sleep,in between classes, while waiting for bb to fetch me (oh it was long time ago back in melaka and now i don't have bb to drive me to the mall or movie or bowling anymore..gosh i miss him) or mase takde kerja kt office..
so what do u expect kan? (alasan!!!)

and the worst part is, when i stop reading it for a long long long long time, i can't remember few plots and the story i need to scan through from the start, read back few chapters.. haish...then penat and stop semula..
bila nak abis da??

Friday, June 18, 2010


ibu called and she brought me a sad news...
my primary school friend just passed away last night..

death will come anytime..we never know when is our turn..and death won't care if we're 20 yo, 40 yo, even one day old..

and this make me realize, am i ready at this moment to go to the next world? to see The Creator.. am i a good person?a good daughter?

"Ya Allah, ampunilah segala dosanya..lindungilah dia dari segala seksa kubur dan seksa neraka..semoga dia ditempatkan bersama dengan orang yg beriman"

"Ya Allah, ampunilah dosa kami semua..bawakan la kami ke dalam golongan yg sedikit...redhakan lah kehidupan kami..kurniakan lah hidayahMU kepada kami.."


Mohd Nasruddin in memory


Thursday, June 17, 2010

tak sabar!!!!

been waiting sooo long... can't wait..
movie-date anyone? ops..not anyone..
movie-date, bb?
i'm planning for a lone-ranger-movie day during office hour la.. can i? why not!! yes i can... hehe...

Monday, June 14, 2010

makan minum tidur

morning sayangs...

today is my first day of 3rd/18 weeks of internship...
but i don't want to talk about my internship...
it's just the same thing everyday..

nowadays, everyone's talking about World Cup at South Africa..
so, what is your team?
for me, from the start, this 3 teams are my pick..

-England = love this team because of David Beckham..hehe.. miss to see him perform with England jersey on.. haishh
-Argentina = sebab ape ek? o0o0.. because of Deigo Maradona and Gabriel Heinze
-Germany = the only reason is the jersey..cantek sgt!!! bb, nak boleh? hehe

p/s: nape ramai dh x update blog? hurm...

Friday, June 11, 2010


morning guys and girls..
it's already friday!! yay
time flies..and i hope it fly when i open my eyes and it's october.. yay!!

nothing much happened over the past few days...
more or less i'm the fax girl in office..hehe
but i did learn few things in my first two weeks of internship...
and believe me, it got nothing to do with anything i've learned in my uni life..
u know what i mean.. all this telecommunication system thingy, the doket, the working environment, sort of..
so, i'm proud of myself..hehe..

wasn't feeling very well last night..attacked by headache..
but i'm getting better today..Alhamdulillah...

erm..i think that's all for now..
till then.. bye..

p/s :- bb, don't forget to sign up for our wordpress blog..hehe...

Monday, June 7, 2010


please read this...
and will make u cry..
everytime u read...

dzafri hisyam part 1

dzafri hisyam part 2

dzafri hiyam part 3

letter to dzafri


Friday, June 4, 2010

malu ke nk berhenti kerja ke???


situation 1
phone rang and nobody there except one pakcik at 6 tables away from me, so i answered the call

"ya encik..nk ckp ngn siapa?encik mail?skejap ye"

with 100% confident,

"encik mail! encik mail!"

............. *no response* (x dengar kot..)

tuned my voice louder

"ENCIK MAIL!ENCIK MAIL!" worked..he heard me

"encik mail? sy bukan encik mail..saya encik mi..encik mail pergi kursus"

" ek?mintak maaf" DAMN!!!
and the worst part was, that on the line guy who desperately wanted to talk to Encik Mail burst out laughing.. DAMN AGAIN!!

situation 2

chit chat with Kak Ani (one of my office-mate)
bla bla bla

me: kak ani ade berapa anak?
k.ani : 3 org.yg besar tingkatan 2, yg kecik drjah 2..

me: yg coming ni no 4 la ye ( while pointed to her sweet-preggy-mom-stomach)

k.ani: mane ade coming dik badan aku yg besar la...

me: (deadly shocked) o0o0..mntak maaf kak...

i think i should call this situation as kau-x-sayang-mulut-ye-?-!


bb, malu giler b!!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

and i was 100% right!!!

jeng jeng..
when i reached home after work, i saw this on my bed

and look what's inside...hehe...:P
(i know i'm like so jakun..but who doesn',hell ya)

i told u!!
am i right or wrong??
pimp my RIGHT (bak kate bb..hehe)

Thanks SashaBashir

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

excited giler smpai nk hebah satu donia!!!

see the name?
oh click for better and larger and clearer image..hehe
eventhough it's not my full name(without abah's) and there is maybe another 'Nurul Filzah', but i still 200% sure that gifts are mine... hehe
and i'm 250% sure that Nurul Filzah is me.. (x kan la ade nurul filzah lain bace blog sasha..hehe)
tak kira tak kira
Thanks Sasha!!!~

will join more contests after this!!


hey frens..
sorry for no update on my 2nd day of internship
i wish i could write something but i just can't
so damn tired yesterday..
i was like"mayat hidup" all night long...
now i knew how working people feels..

and right this moment, i'm at office and i don't feel like blogging..
u know with the phones keep on ringing, all staffs busy doing work and stuff
my blogging mood just flew away..

nways, i called yesterday as "malu-giler-rase-nk-nyorok-dlm-tanah" day..

ok fella
till then, da~~

p/s: bb, go!go! semangat! u nailed it!!!