Saturday, June 19, 2010

kura kura betol

first thing i do before start any novel reading is i'll jot down the date...
for example :-


and this

and alert for this novel. Breaking Dawn by stephenie meyer..

started read this one on my 22nd birthday..
and until today, i'm not yet finished!!
stop at page 488 i u can see minus 15% of the novel to go!!!

damn aku lmbat mcm kura-kura...

oh fyi, i'm not that kind of person yang baca satu malam dah tamat...i mean i just got in some pages before sleep,in between classes, while waiting for bb to fetch me (oh it was long time ago back in melaka and now i don't have bb to drive me to the mall or movie or bowling anymore..gosh i miss him) or mase takde kerja kt office..
so what do u expect kan? (alasan!!!)

and the worst part is, when i stop reading it for a long long long long time, i can't remember few plots and the story i need to scan through from the start, read back few chapters.. haish...then penat and stop semula..
bila nak abis da??

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