Thursday, June 3, 2010

and i was 100% right!!!

jeng jeng..
when i reached home after work, i saw this on my bed

and look what's inside...hehe...:P
(i know i'm like so jakun..but who doesn',hell ya)

i told u!!
am i right or wrong??
pimp my RIGHT (bak kate bb..hehe)

Thanks SashaBashir


-niribas- said...

WuHuuUuu... Congrats bb... Lepas ni bley la join byk2 competition lagi.. x sia2 bb jadi stalker.. oopps... hehehe neways tahniah b...

p/s b.. its PIMP MY RIDE la... huhuhuhu >_<

.filzah. said...

kan?? best woo bace blog org wo..
x kira x kira..
pimp my RIGHT pimp my RIGHT pimp my RIGHT