Friday, June 11, 2010


morning guys and girls..
it's already friday!! yay
time flies..and i hope it fly when i open my eyes and it's october.. yay!!

nothing much happened over the past few days...
more or less i'm the fax girl in office..hehe
but i did learn few things in my first two weeks of internship...
and believe me, it got nothing to do with anything i've learned in my uni life..
u know what i mean.. all this telecommunication system thingy, the doket, the working environment, sort of..
so, i'm proud of myself..hehe..

wasn't feeling very well last night..attacked by headache..
but i'm getting better today..Alhamdulillah...

erm..i think that's all for now..
till then.. bye..

p/s :- bb, don't forget to sign up for our wordpress blog..hehe...

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