Friday, January 29, 2010

1 down...3 more....

watched the spy next door with bb just now...

how would i describe that movie in a simple way?

okay..lets begin..
Gimme L
Gimme A
Gimme M
Gimme E

and it gives what???

2/5 stars..

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

come to mama

since few weeks ago, i've been following bb to gym. doing some workout and stuff.
all this for my stamina sbenarnye (yela..naik tingkat satu CLC pn dah semput kan) ..and maybe one day i'll gain some KGs.. orang cakap, if i want to gain weight, i need to do some exercises for make sure my body is ready to accept more foods smoothly...betul ke ha?

but this is not the main point...
the main point is ...erm..i'm not sure if this has something to do with exercising or not.
i'm on sugar-rush!!!
been craving for cakes, ice cream, cookies, milkshakes and all sugar-based-food lately...
before this benda2 manis ni so turn me off...
but now, anything sweet will do... i'm obsess with sugar!!!
everytime pun,
"bb...jom pegi secret recipe...",
"bb...rase nk mkn dessert la" ,
"bb...jom pegi beli eskrem..."

bb was like, "erm..okay...anything for u..." (cecececececec..ade ke b camtu?? huhu)

so, do you think that sugar-rush is the result of exercising?
i wonder....

Monday, January 25, 2010

pirate ship yg gilerrrrrrrrr....

what a great weekend!!!! i had so much fun!!!
the xtreme's 10th anniversary gathering turned out well evntgh there were only 20 of us..
the 20 most sporting Xtremers in history..( ya i know, i'm exaggerating) ..
and sunway lagoon..oh my oh excited everyone was to be there...roller coaster was adrenaline rush!!!

but the pirate ship was a mistake..seriously...and to make it worst, we rode it
twice (because of the request from bdak-bdak depan yg over-excited dan aku x sempat nk turun sbb mnde alah tu dah bergerak semula) and it spun 360 degree SLOWLY (jantung dah berguguran jatuh ke tanah sbb lame pulak tergantung up side down)
damn it..

ecececece...senyum senyum....

tutup la mata tuuuuu

baru half way ni...belum die pusing 360 lagi...

the result

can't wait to see you guys again!!!! next trip--> atun's wedding!!

more pics on rexa's, zara's, faiz's and ijud's FB

Friday, January 22, 2010


this trimester i have husband-wife as my lecturers.of course for different subjects. i love the husband. he can explain things clearly and make it as simple as possible for student to understand it.
but i'm not sure with the wife. for me, she just reading the slides, asking "any question?", giving exercise in the class and after 30 secs, she'll ask, " anyone has the answer?"...
like what???? ingt soalan budak tadika ke ape...

and yesterday i had both husband and wife classes.. husband first, then the wife...
as usual, in the wife class, she did all the actions stated above. after gave us few exercises, she said," please write something". because most of the students in the class just sat still and did nothing except chit chat with others...

few seconds later,
bb: ji, abe dah siap..

i was like, " huish..terer nye bb...nk tgk b.."

and this is what bb wrote on the answer sheet...

hahahahahaha... my bb is super duper clever u know... love u la bb.... u made my day!!!

engineering is tough. really tough.
so hunny, please accept the fact yg course aku lagi susah dr course kau...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

hobi saya mengumpul setem,membaca buku dan mengecat rumah.hobi awak?

actually those are not my hobbies.
like 3 years ago, we had this so called motivational camp at terengganu.and when the ice-breaking session, there was one i-do-not-remember-who-is-he guy that claimed those activities are his hobby.ya i know it is not funny IF 10-years-old boy said that. but IF 20-years-old man has that hobbies, THAT is funny... in fact, he was so nampak-sangat-tipu. hehe

sape ek die?? ada sape2 ingat??

speaking of hobby...
i have new hobby!! ( i had one before??)
which is...collecting various types of bracelet!!!
me likeyyyy bracelets very much..
most of the time, i wear few bracelets on each 3 on each, 2 hands=6 bracelets..
ching..ching...ching...woo..i love the sound...
so, for those yang nak kasi hadiah, bracelet is the right choice...*wink*wink*
but this offer is invalid for bb...cuz bb kena kasi hadiah lagi mahal....

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

me likeyyyyyy

i'm so excited to start school...!!!!~
got class at is 11.23 and i'm all set to i love campus or what..hehe
see u guys in campus...!!!
off to school bebeh...

next next next

movies to watch a.s.a.p
jom bb..(smbil kenyit kenyit mata dkt bb)

Monday, January 18, 2010

naik turun

after 3 weeks of holiday, everybody complained about gaining weight..
jeles!! jeles!!!
poor me.. i don't have any idea why gaining weight seems so hard for me...
i've been trying for years to add few KGs ...but, i still need to try harder...

p/s: result for last trimester has been released...congrats bb!!! clap*clap*
p/s: ade org tu dpt 4 flat...tahniah!!! satu tepukan gemuruh!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

bandaraya bersejarah

well, i'm back..
new trimester will start on monday..
i can't wait..
i love campus...
say i'm lame, like i care..
u need to enjoy things when u still have the chance...

had lunch at ikea (selangor), tea time at RnR seremban (N9), dinner at K9 (melaka)
jalan-jalan cari makan sangat...haha

ok, need to unpack my stuff, and get ready for the new trimester!!!
until then, da~~

p/s: me already miss my family..sob..sob..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

tangan bangku

i love watching Asian Food Channel...
esp dessert time...
so mouth watering..

i can cook (evntgh x la sedap mana),
i don't cook...
malas uolls

luckily, bb is very good at cooking...
nanti bb masak kan b kan??

Saturday, January 9, 2010

clock is ticking

i can't wait to start the new trimester so then i can go back to lecture halls after 3 months of off-campus-mode due to my fyp. herm..i miss campus a lot. classmates + sit in between bb and dak wani in class +lecturers (honestly, i do) + notes + books..yes..i know i sound nerdy..
well, it's not that i'm not enjoying holidays, but it just , next trimester will be my last trimester in melaka and i don't want to miss each and every moment there...
huh.. 5 years is approaching its end.. clock is ticking and will never turns back...
and i'm turning 23 this this for real??
planning my future is a great thing to do right know like work,car,house,marriage (oppsss..ayat provoke),money,bills, sort of..
i hope 2010 will be a wonderful year with great things, opportunities, and loves...

p/s: m.i.s.s y.o.u b.b


masuk umah orang x leh ke kalo bagi salam??
ni hentam je bukak pintu...
ade niat x baek la tu???
xde adab

Thursday, January 7, 2010

the day

i can't wait...
gedik syndrome is attacking...
lambat lagi kotttttttt

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

i want..i want...

new year resolutions:

-lots and lots of cardigans + tudung
-new shades
-new handbag


Friday, January 1, 2010

how about yours?

my 2009 ended nicely...with endorphin rushed out, laughter and was such a good ending...i enjoyed every single second of it...
how about yours?

my 2010 started on sour note...i don't think i deserved it...well,at least not on the very first few minutes of new year....tears,pains
how about yours?

7.22 am, 010110
tears are still dropping....