Monday, January 18, 2010

naik turun

after 3 weeks of holiday, everybody complained about gaining weight..
jeles!! jeles!!!
poor me.. i don't have any idea why gaining weight seems so hard for me...
i've been trying for years to add few KGs ...but, i still need to try harder...

p/s: result for last trimester has been released...congrats bb!!! clap*clap*
p/s: ade org tu dpt 4 flat...tahniah!!! satu tepukan gemuruh!!!


nadia.aminah said...

i like ur post..hahaha
it's hard for 'us' to gain weight kan :))

Queen S said...

sapa dpt 4 flat wehhh?

pqahluvhongki said...

flat tu ada 4 tingkat ke?

.filzah. said...

elelelelle..pikah..wat2 tanye pulak die..elelelelelele