Saturday, January 9, 2010

clock is ticking

i can't wait to start the new trimester so then i can go back to lecture halls after 3 months of off-campus-mode due to my fyp. herm..i miss campus a lot. classmates + sit in between bb and dak wani in class +lecturers (honestly, i do) + notes + books..yes..i know i sound nerdy..
well, it's not that i'm not enjoying holidays, but it just , next trimester will be my last trimester in melaka and i don't want to miss each and every moment there...
huh.. 5 years is approaching its end.. clock is ticking and will never turns back...
and i'm turning 23 this this for real??
planning my future is a great thing to do right know like work,car,house,marriage (oppsss..ayat provoke),money,bills, sort of..
i hope 2010 will be a wonderful year with great things, opportunities, and loves...

p/s: m.i.s.s y.o.u b.b

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