Thursday, August 26, 2010

mama akram cantik la...

everyday before i drive myself to work, i'll drive my 'adik', akram to his taska first..
and today, as usual, i went to send him to the taska.
and when i was about to salam and kiss akram, his few friends who already arrived, came to the front door.. i supposed they wanted to welcome and greet akram..and i was right..

akram's friends : hi akram...canteknya baju.. (he is wearing Manchester United's)
akram :akram beli kt kuala lumpur tempat angah...(angah is my not-so-little sister)
one of akram's friends : (just noticed me ) eh eh..akram...mama awak cantik la...

dushhh...what?? mama? i looking that old to you? okay la..what to expect kan? they are just sweet 4-6 years old kids and i'm like early 20? a major different there.. but still i'm not yet ready to be called as 'mama' least not until i'm 25? 26 perhaps?

but i take that also as a compliment... see the girl said, mama awak cantik la...scratched the 'mama' part.. and please bold the word CANTIK... kids don't lie kan? hehe

my lecturer-in-charge for internship program is coming today!!! and i'm nervous....pray for me guys..

selamat berpuasa all and selamat berpuasa + miss you, bb.....

Sunday, August 22, 2010


ok..i know this is lame and jakun, but hell to the yes i'm so going to show off this..
see who is following me on twitter !!!!!
click the pictures for a clearer view...


i know some people (or specifically we called this type of people as 'haters') will say something like,

1. "'s not a big deal..she might be following everyone in her 'followers list' "
2. "like hello? u really think that she is the one who tweet everything? have u ever heard of the word 'admin' or 'personal assistant' ? "

see the 'following' list there? only 941 out of 187,830 followers!!! and i'm one of the most lucky 941!!!! haha..jakun ey? but whatever~~~
and see the 'verified account' ? it means, she is the one who tweet everything..(or 90% at least)..

ok enough with the 'jakun'ness...
so, how is Ramadan so far? dah ponteng? hehe...

"When we present anything to our loved ones we try to buy the best thing and decorate it nicely to make him or her happy. Its time to present something to Allah our creator, so present your fast this Ramadan with your heart and soul. Happy Ramadan!!!!" - unknown

p/s: i miss u so much bb..nak jumpa!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

our 4th year

this entry is specially dedicated to my dear bb. so anyone yg rasa x sggup nk menghadapi filzah in geli-geli mode, please leave this blog immediately. if anything bad happen to you, saya x bertanggungjwb..hehe

14 august 2006 - 14 august 2010
happy 4th anniversary bb!!!

i would like to say, "thanks bb" because:

1. took a really good care of me when i was admitted in Pantai Hospital back in April 2009.. i remember that time, bb x bawak kereta lg ke melaka. so, ke hulu ke hilir, bb bawak scooter je instead. everytime after class or in between classes, bb sure datang and brought me ke..air also helped me in finishing my assignments because that time, dah nk hujung sem..masa tu la semua assignment nk kena submit, lab report nk kena submit, and masa tu la nk start wasn't easy..i know b..nk kena buat yg bb punya..then was excruciating. there was one time, bb brought the assignments and lecture notes sbb kena siapkan..meanwhile, bb boleh jaga ji... thanks b

2. there was one of the most memorable moment. i was on my way back to melaka from kuantan..masa dah approach tol ayer keroh, ji called bb..nk mntak tolong fetch kt Melaka central.. i thought you were already in melaka..that's why i called you.kalau tak, serious ji x call. u said that u also already on your way back to melaka, tgh drive..bila ji tanya kt mana, bb kate, "i'm on my way. bila dah smpai MC, ji jgn pergi mana2..tggu smpai abe dtg..ji lepak McD dulu". before tu bb ckp, mama x kasi bb blk melaka lg sbb u were sick that bb ckp ngn mama, bb nk blk jugak.. ji pn ckp ngn bb, "jgn la blk dulu melaka..nnti monday classes, ji sign kn la attendance bb" bb still insisted nk blk, ble ji dah smpai MC, i went straight to McD.. tggu bb..dekat 1 hour plus plus jugak la ji tggu bb...then, bb smpai.. bila dah masuk kereta bb ckp, " mase ji call ckp dah dkt tol, ji tau x abe kt mane sbenarnya?". ji mcm confius ckp la, "kan bb ckp bb dah otw.." pastu bb ckp, "mase tu abe kt shah alam lg..abe speed up sbb nk amek ji...abe x nk ji blk naik teksi ke bas..teksi mahal nnti dia charge.. kalo bas, nnti kesian ji kena bwk beg bnyk.." mase tu, rase nk luluh jantung dgr.. terharu sgt...thanks b

3. kalau gaduh mcm mana sekali pn, bb x penah lupa masa makan ji..smpai masa, sure bb tanye..walhal tgh x bertegur sapa tu...kalau ji poyo2 merajuk x nk keluar mkn, bb sure tapaukan makanan walau cm ne pn... thanks b...

4. let say kalau weekend bb nk blk shah alam, bb surely suruh ji either follow bb to shah alam or asked me blk kuantan jugak that ckp, nnti kalau bb xde, sapa yg nk bwk ji makan, nk bwk jln2..walhal 3 hari je kot..jumaat, sabtu, bb still concern kt ji..kalau ji kata, ji x nk ikut bb blk shah alam and also x nk blk kuantan, bb sure akan kasi or bank in duit or bawak ji shopping food ckp, kalau malas nk masak, call McD..sbb tu bb kasi ji x kasi ji keluar...kalau ngn pikah, baru boleh... bb ckp, bahaya plus nnti ji x biasa nk naik bas pulak.. ye la.. all this time u were the only one yg amek and hntr ji ke kampus...amek and hntr ji masa makan... thanks bb...

5. ji sebut je ji nk mkn apa, or nk gi mana, bb sure akan ckp OKAY..jarang sgt la bb ckp NO.... bb x pernah berkira ngn ji pasal pape pn..duit? masa? tenaga? u name it... nk mengungkit jauh sekali la....

6. kasi hadiah best2 masa birthday and anniversary..thanks bb....

7. bnyk kang takut bb penat pulak bace..hehe

b, thanks so much for every single thing u've done for u b...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

ramadan in melaka

hi people...
happy Ramadan and happy fasting!!!!!

things that i miss the most about Ramadan in Melaka:

1. berbuka puasa with my bb and friends at Seoul Garden, Old Town, or PS (i remember that one time when we had our 3 hours ++ berbuka at Seoul Garden Mahkota Parade.. hehe..berbaloi..baloi..)

2. bazaar at peringgit.. nasi kerabu, air tebu, "mari-mari karipap panas, kentang aja yg lain takde", cucur udang alor gajah, chinese dates, ayam percik gombak... huishhhhh.... writing all of this makes me hungry... (what time is berbuka in kuantan for today ek? :p)

3. sahur at McD when bb and i didn't have anything left for sahur after we finished everything all up when berbuka

4. going to terawih by foot with my dear rakan, cik pikah.. and scare people that pass by away with our telekung after that..

5. shopping raya with bb...

"(It was) the month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Qur’aan, a guidance for mankind and clear proofs for the guidance and the criterion (between right and wrong). So whoever of you sights (the crescent on the first night of) the month (of Ramadan i.e. is present at his home), he must observe Sawm (fasts) that month…"
~ [al-Baqarah 2:185]

Friday, August 6, 2010

kisah budak naik bas

Date: 31/7/2010
Location : on Sani Express Bus
Destination: Shah Alam (bb's big brother wedding)

his coloring book + color pencils + Spiderman blanket = A MUST

akram: "along kaler belah sana, akram kaler belah sini ok.along jgn kaler comot2" Dushhh

After a while......

Guess what is he doing under the blanket?

jeng jeng!!!!!
akram: "along jgn kacau akram..nnti kakak belakang tu nmpk akram isap susu botol..nnti akram malu nnti mcm mana?? "

and oh..not forget the seat belt.. safety first!!!

the newlyweds.. :)

please ignore the 'hitamness' of mine...