Thursday, August 26, 2010

mama akram cantik la...

everyday before i drive myself to work, i'll drive my 'adik', akram to his taska first..
and today, as usual, i went to send him to the taska.
and when i was about to salam and kiss akram, his few friends who already arrived, came to the front door.. i supposed they wanted to welcome and greet akram..and i was right..

akram's friends : hi akram...canteknya baju.. (he is wearing Manchester United's)
akram :akram beli kt kuala lumpur tempat angah...(angah is my not-so-little sister)
one of akram's friends : (just noticed me ) eh eh..akram...mama awak cantik la...

dushhh...what?? mama? i looking that old to you? okay la..what to expect kan? they are just sweet 4-6 years old kids and i'm like early 20? a major different there.. but still i'm not yet ready to be called as 'mama' least not until i'm 25? 26 perhaps?

but i take that also as a compliment... see the girl said, mama awak cantik la...scratched the 'mama' part.. and please bold the word CANTIK... kids don't lie kan? hehe

my lecturer-in-charge for internship program is coming today!!! and i'm nervous....pray for me guys..

selamat berpuasa all and selamat berpuasa + miss you, bb.....


-niribas- said...

'kids don't lie kan? '
'MAMA awak lalalala...'

MAMA? Tuer da gf abe sorang nie.. ^o^

Another possible scenario if i was there
The kids: Eh, Abang akram ker? CUTE nye~~ ;p

Sekian.. lol

ji said...

eleh!!!!! perasan!!! uwekkkk....
yg tua tua ni lah yg abe tergila-gila tau...yg dok jerit "filzah! filzah!" mase kt kampus dulu...