Monday, June 14, 2010

makan minum tidur

morning sayangs...

today is my first day of 3rd/18 weeks of internship...
but i don't want to talk about my internship...
it's just the same thing everyday..

nowadays, everyone's talking about World Cup at South Africa..
so, what is your team?
for me, from the start, this 3 teams are my pick..

-England = love this team because of David Beckham..hehe.. miss to see him perform with England jersey on.. haishh
-Argentina = sebab ape ek? o0o0.. because of Deigo Maradona and Gabriel Heinze
-Germany = the only reason is the jersey..cantek sgt!!! bb, nak boleh? hehe

p/s: nape ramai dh x update blog? hurm...

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