Saturday, November 14, 2009

gaining weight

last nite, i went to pot luck+yassin at rased's place
it was great.really great.
we had so much food in the house that i probably gained 4 KGs by only looking at it.
we had macaroni and cheese+ayam golek+pudding cocktail (faiz, ateq, nody) , choc truffle cake (me), sandwich (bb), spaghetti (mulan, horny), cekodok bilis+jelly hijau yg cair..hehehe(miah), air 7up+blackcurrant a.k.a air 7up-rant (nur) and mee hoon(rased si tuan rumah).
i told u there were a lot of food..
i can't wait to upload the pictazz...waiting for pictures from nody's camera..

me muah muah all my frens..
me muah muah muah muah bb...

1 comment:

skati anak malaya said...

sedo la diri sket..
awok 2 dri spisis yg tdk mmpunyai berat lebih dari 70kg...
so dh kering 2, kering jgk..
adikmu juga yg kacak..huk3..

wei, ble nk blek daa..
kak jah dh rndu kt awok..
ke dh lupe jln blek?
xpown bas mara dah muflis?

yg penting.....kerjaraya...
muhammad kamil amir b ahmad jais: style, tpi relax sud..sempoi jee..