Sunday, July 19, 2009

yes!! i did a "good job"!!!

past few days, i'd been looking for a cinderella movie..but not the cartoon version... i remembered that they got a real-version-of-cinderella...but man.. i can't remember the title.. so, i just simply download a movie that has 'cinderella' printed on the title..

and i did a "good job"!!!

instead of download

or this..

i downloaded this!!!!

yes..clap..clap... i did a "good job" of ruining my mood....
3 days of downloading just blew away....*sigh*

note:- next time, google it out...


a N i S a H said...

wah.. dah terror dah download torrent
berbaloi bayar streamyx kan?

.filzah. said...

berbaloi gilerrr okay.... hahahahaha....

lina pencilbox said...

hoho..mmg berbaloi:P

tgk ar cite cinderella man tu..
aku dah penah tgk dah:P

.filzah. said...

best kerrr?? aku dah delete dah...hahaha...x minat la crite2 cm tu...aku suke crite pmpuan gedik2 je..hahahaa