Monday, April 5, 2010


watched Clash of the Titans with bb yesterday...

at the end of the movie screening, i was like, what??!!!
the story line was 90% similar with Percy Jackson..
of course la..what did u expect,filzah?.. cinderella would enterframed as the savior and rescued Argos with some help from The Mad Hatter and at the end, they lived happily ever after at Olympian ke?
it was Zeus-Poseidon-Hades thingy after all..
i mean like Zeus will be the greatest one and Hades will stuck in the underworld..
and their kiddos with the mortal chickas/demigod will choose to stay as human and give up their powers..bla bla bla bla..

and actually, who was the bad guy?
Hades? Kraken? Medusa?
from the beginning, Kraken dicanang2 as THE one that couldn't be touch by anything (konon kuat la tu)..... gaduh x smpai 2 minit, sekali tunjuk kepala Medusa, terus transformed jd batu (dah mcm tanggang ni)...

i know all of this are fact from Greek mythology..but seriously? the movie could have been better...
3/5 stars...

p/s: so many things happened in a week...*sigh*


Farafiqa Jeff said...

btoi2 sama mcm dlm percy, percy tu anak poseidon kan? dlm titans ni percy tu anak zeus plak..pening cek..huhu

.filzah. said...

haha..ntah la..pelik2 cite omputih ni..hehe