Tuesday, April 27, 2010

shake shake shake

for the first time, after nearly 5 years in melaka , i went to THE coconut shake at pantai klebang...
eventhough it was raining, people still kept on coming... huh..dasyat2...
until to the extend yang u need to queue for one glass of coconut shake...

penuh+ beratur

and this was bb's first coconut shake in his 24 years life...

so, how was it bb? sedap kan..
later, we go to coconut shake batu berendam pulak ok??

and we bumped into a group of friend from cyber, (earlier were at EQ for MMU award)..
habis satu kedai kena serang ngn dieorang... :P

pikah n aisyah( our alpha-year-hostel jiran )

p/s: happy study peeps...(study week mode ON)

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