Monday, May 31, 2010

1st day

today was my first day of internship program..
the whole family except ibu sent me to the HQ..
felt great because my family was there cheering for me..
and this morning i was so nervous..sumpah x tipu...
i hadn't the heart to touch my breakfast..
and my sister and brother were like, "berdegup-degup jantung ke?? x kan makan dua suap je nasik lemak??:P"
siot je..

so we arrived at the HQ at 8 am.. i know..damn early..
ye la..good-clean-first impression is a must!!
i was accompanied by the whole family to the office.. (does first day at school,when we grabbed mother's hand as tight as possible,and father whispered to our ears saying nothing to worry,it's just a step to your brighter future, ring a bell?)
sweet isn't it?
was told by the security guard, i need to wait until 9am for the staff-incharged..
so,i decided to ask my family to leave me there.. i think i'm big enough to handle all this thing by myself...

so,9am sharp, i went up to 2nd floor and gave the letter from FET to the staff-incharged, and she processed my lapor diri...
and then i was asked to go to TM engineering (3 km away from HQ approx) because i'm in technical part..
i was a little bit the hell i wanna go there...
walk? no way.. it was sunny and the distance is in KILOmeters.. i was all dressed-up and u asked me to walk?? no no no no...
so, i called angah and asked her to fetched and sent me at the TM engineering...luckily she's at home..

so bla bla bla, i went to the security unit and did my staff pass, and after then went straight to BSQM office..
unfortunately, my assigned supervisor wasn't there..
fortunately, there was one staff that very nice enough to brief me on few things, the dressed code, and stuff..
and the BEST PART was, he allowed me to go home!!! just 15 minutes past 10 am...
and one more time, i called angah to fetch me.. hehe..sorry ye bdak kerinting...
while waiting for angah,i chit chat a bit with the security guard..
and he was ghostly shocked when i told him that i'm in engineering field..
"susah giler nk tgk perempuan jd enginner ni.."
pakcik, i think you will deadly shock if tell u, 80% of my girlfriends are in engineering field...
so,no biggie.. :D

that's how my first day was....
i plan not to wear full-formal-office attire anymore tomorrow..
i'm an engineering-intern after all..

p/s: all the best bb!! he'll start his internship at Midvalley City tomorrow.. and good luck plus bile dh dpt elaun jangan lupe belanje aku to rased,faiz,atik,and nodee!!!


miah said...

oit.ko punye tempat intern bukan kat sebelah htaa ke?fuh,intern x sampai sekerat ari =.=

Anonymous said...

mule2 kne lapor diri kt sebelah masjid negeri tu..pastu die soh aku gi kt sebela htaa aku nye tmpat keje mmg kt sebelah htaa la..:D