Tuesday, May 25, 2010

saya suka membaca

i read blogs..many of blogs...
all blogs have their own input.. each of them offer so different things
from their e-diary, fashion, food to gossips...
i've learned many things by reading this blogs... or at least i know the gossips..hehe
people been asking me how on earth i ended up on the blogs' URL..

there are several ways that i used..:-

1. my family and friends have blog and they shared theirs with me.. (luckily i have so many blog-maniac among my friends.. :D)

2. i randomly click the url from my friends' blog and most of them are strangers..

3. if i love one blog (especially the strangers), i'll click all the links from the blog.. my principe is simple..if that fella has great stories to tell to, 80% of his/her friends will also have something great to share with..

4. i'm a stalker.. hehe.. i stalked my bb's ex gfs, my friends' bfs/gfs/exs, their family, u name it..hehe.. but i only read the blogs okay..i don't have any intention to harass them or to be an identity theft or do stupid things... (oh btw, now bb also a stalker..so beware people..hehe..)

5. from my friend suggestions..

6. simply clicks the "next blog" on the top-left-corner pf any blogspot page.. :D

easy isn't it? so, happy reading and stalking!!!~

p/s:-i'm going to shah alam tomorrow... can't wait to see bb..gosh i miss him so much.. bb, tungguuuuuuuuuuu tau... hehe


pqahluvhongki said...

mesti awak susah gile nak stalk saye


pijah-hot-haha said...

Dats y.. Susah bebenau.. Sila selalu update blog yg dh 7 generasi labah2 tinggal kt dlm blog awk tu..