Friday, September 17, 2010

on your mark! get set! go!!!!

me and bb are the lucky 30 out of i don't know how many registered BlackBerry users for The Ultimate Blackberry Race!!!!!
yay right?!! i know...i mean,both of us!!!
so the race will be held at The Curve tomorrow (Saturday, sept 18 2010)..
we must be present for registration at The Laundry Bar, 9 am SHARP (as emailed by RIM representative)..hehe..
and the race will start approx 11 am (depends on weather condition)...

oh and BlackBerry Curve 3G smartphones await the winners (the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd group cross the END line)...each and every member of the group!!!
there will be 15 groups and each group will consists of 4 members (2 lucky BlackBerry users, 1 from media and 1 special appearance..)

i'll blog about the details after the race okay!! and i hope i'll get the chance to snap as many pictures as possible...

wish us luck, guys!!!!!

p/s: ibu, abah, angah, amir semua dah berebut nk cop nak my BB kalau2 la i menang satu lg BB..haha... so, let say i menang, i nak kasi siapa ye?? :D

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-niribas- said...

Ji biler nak update entry baru? >_<