Tuesday, January 4, 2011

hari pertama

first day at office:

1. so far, they all have been very nice towards me.
2. i got my partition, my table, my chair.. (someone warned me about newbies will sit on the floor on their first day because the office is not ready to have the new comers. but i guess, she's wrong. hai zaza *lambai*lambai*
3. i got my pc :)
4. they gave me the stationery...seronok! mcm budak baru masuk sekolah dapat segala benda baru *lompat*lompat*
5. my boss change my position from product marketing to customer management.. i'm not sure weather this is a good or bad thing... pray for the best.
6. i guess i'll love my job :)
7. i read the job terms of reference. at the 'job minimum requirement', it stated bachelor in accounting/business administration/marketing or related field. so obviously i don't meet the requirement :p but i'll try my best to learn something new :)

p/s: tried to upload a picture, but failed! adakah office tak kasi? :p will try to upload it another time..

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