Saturday, August 22, 2009

cyber-P week 2009


1:- there were 8 of us in the group. (rased,sadiq,faiz,syed ali,bb,me,atiq,nodee)
2:- evntgh they didn't take this subject, but elle, nani & nani's bf, faizal were super duper great in helping us...thanks ...u guys were awesome..
3:- group name:- Meriah Uolllss, company name:- Gerai Goreng Goreng Sdn Bhd.. hahaha
4:- our specialty, ice cream goreng...laku uollss...
5:- i found out (actually i always know) that bb can cook!!!!
6:- we were the only FET group.... (of kos la kn...dah kate amek under FIST)
7:- a chinese guy from gerai sebelah had a crush on rased!!!!!huhuhuhu...
8:- there were few 'malat' in the group.... (semestarian, does 'malat' ring a bell??)
9:- i've never ever tasted ice cream goreng..and last monday , was the first time...looser kn??...
10:- moral of the story, "what goes around comes around"... tibe jerrr...

some to rased..


miah said...

waaaaa bestnyaaa~~
aku rindu hidup uni
gempak seyh name group

Nisa said...

along..kaklong ada new blogshop (my new hobby..hihi). kalo along/family/friends berminat, i'll give u special price.

Queen S said...

"7:- a chinese guy from gerai sebelah had a crush on rased!!!!!huhuhuhu..."

pijah..pecah lobang jer..hahaha