Saturday, July 3, 2010

23 tahun

2nd july 2010...
nurul filzah is officially 23 years old..
Thank You Allah for all the gifts, happiness, health, and everything..
I'm blessed with everyone around me..
my family, my dear bb, and my friends..

Thanks for all the wishes, pray, and all...
and i think i've managed to reply every single wish... (phone call, sms, FB, twitter, BBM)
thanks again..u guys are one of the best things that ever happened to me...

so, i know u guys are dying to know what bb got me this year kan?
(mati la perasan.kau ingt org kesah?lain la dpt handbag 20k mcm dato' siti) :p
but i assumed that u guys are in aku-tak-boleh-buat-kerja-selagi-tak-tau-apa-hadiahnya mode, so i'll tell..

jeng jeng...
bb gave me this novel

and a multipurpose bag.multipurpose means it can be a lappy bag, beg kerja, beg baju u name it.. but unfortunately i left that bag in my car (actually the car is ibu's. but since i was like, "ibu, along x pndai la naik bas, nnti kena ngorat", so ibu drive the other car instead. and technically it's MY car now) after work this evening. no picture available.. :D

oh i received that two birthday presents 3 months ago.. :p
and on my 23 yo day, bb got me this,

"happy Birthday Ji 23. From Abe"

bb just maybank2u the cake. what?.. anything is possible today..
pffft.. what a bad bluff.. me no good in poker..
ok the truth is bb gave me some amount of money and asked me to buy a jamoca almond fudge cake + anything for myself since dia jauh dari ku *jiwang mode ON*

oh i'm wearing my last year's birthday present from dak wani. :)

but whatever it is, i really am glad to celebrate this year birthday with my family..

it's been years since the last time i celebrated my birthday with them. 8?10 years back maybe?
having ibu said "selamat hari jadi.semoga menjadi anak yg solehah" and kissed me on my forehead and little akram sang "apedey to u, apedey to u, makan ubi kayu"..
God..that was surreal..

p/s: go home BRASIL!! Boooo

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