Monday, July 26, 2010

umpama mimpi dalam mimpi

yesterday, i watched INCEPTION with ijud at GSC east coast mall..

it was a great 2 hours and 30 minutes plus plus movie..
but it would be more understandable if i didn't enter the cinema hall 10 minutes late.. (salahkan ijud!!! hehe)

i entered the hall with nearly zero info about this movie (Leo Dicaprio as the main character tu aku tau la jugak. ) i didn't even know what is INCEPTION. luckily i got my BB translator. sorry for the bimbo mode here. hehe

this movie consists of few layers of plot. so you might find this movie is a little bit confusing here and there if your head is not 100% focusing into it. Inception is not one of those movies yang you just can sit back, munch your pop corn, and enjoy the persistent ride. it requires an active brain throughout the movie.

and there were few scenes that need me remind myself to catch my breath (so breathtaking).

please go and watch the movie okay. RECOMMENDABLE!!! it will give you new perception of our dream.

happy watching people!!!


pqahluvhongki said...

oihh dating ngan ijud!!

Ijud said...

Jom dating jom.. hahaha

.filzah. said...

hahah...well..biase la..bila kekaseh hati jauh di mata..pinjam la kekaseh org lain jap...hehe