Friday, July 9, 2010

Review: Eclipse

happy friday people..
yesterday, i went to watch Twilight Saga: Eclipse, ALONE at East Coast Mall...

i'm not on holiday mode or what.. i just cabut lari from office.. (hope nobody noticed :)
movie started at 2.30pm..
i felt really awkward been there only by myself... you know it's ECLIPSE okay (edward vs bella vs jacob).. it's vampire+werewolf romance after all. so people went there with their partner..only me yg terpinga pinga...


it was better than the first two.. this time with bunch of newborn vampires, and jacob getting tougher some more..hehe...

the most memorable parts in the movie (for me) were: -

1. the story telling by Billy about the Quileute tribe.
2. the practicing with Jasper. involved both The Cullen and the werewolf pack. This time Jasper got the chance to become one of the important role.
3. there was one part in a tent up on a mountain, where Jacob and Edward need to team up to protect Bella from the newborn army and Victoria. the best line in the film happened in this scene when Jacob said, "i'm hotter than you" to Edward.. wuwuwuwuwuwu
4. and all the flashback scenes were great..

alice and jasper are soooo damn sweet together...

for those who have not read the book yet will not fully into this vampire romance+ thrill, read the book first okay..

3 stars for the romance scene, 5 stars for the other scenes.. :D
definitely gonna watch this movie again.. sape nk teman?

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-niribas- said...

Woo tgk tak ajak... Abe belom tgk lagi.. (-_-')