Wednesday, July 14, 2010


hello there..sorry for the long pause..
been busy this few days..hehe ( org pn guna reason tu.. )

i'm going to see my dear bb and friends this weekend!!!!
oh i can't wait..
i miss them so much..
i miss bb so much more...

so, what should i wear?? nk jumpa kekaseh hati..melawa la siket...
hehe.. no la..just joking..
i know bb will love anything i put on.. even though i just wear bundle t-shirt..hehe..kan b kan?
and i know u love everything about me kan b? hehehe

oh and congratulation to my dear ex-roommate cik pikah on her job.. meet the new Assistant Manager at Menara TM, MITC Melaka... happy working dear.. and also all the best to the rest of new TM Assistant Managers :)

saje je nk show off cermin toilet office and my BB's new cover.. (thanks to bb.. )


-niribas- said...

Skidude!x sabar nye weekend! >_< btw itam da bb abe sorang nie..

.filzah. said...

x sabar kan bb!!!

ala..xpe la itam x kesah kan b kan? :D

-niribas- said...

abe suke je... asal smooth... wooooo >_<

ji said...

hahahaha..menten smooth je.. :D

alia cikedil said...

pikah duduk mana skrg ni?tahniah2 :)

pija said...

lia, pikah kembali semula ke melaka..huhuhu

zara said...

amboi..dah ade black berry ko. haha

pjah said... ni..dah lama la..